Grid exercise

Master layout: 6 columns with 3 hanglines.

All the following images are set on the above grid.

Grid Exercise1

Starting with Georgia, the layout is simple. Ideally, the baseline of the last line in the text block would align with the lower edge of the image.

Grid Exercise2

In this layout, the image acts as the baseline and hangline for the two blocks of text.

Grid Exercise3

Here, the images bleed. Futura and Bodoni are paired as title and body text.

Grid Exercise4

A simple cover page, Futura is the headline while Bodoni acts as a subtitle.

Tracing grids

facebook newsfeed tracingfacebook not-traced.
facebook newsfeed with overlaid grid
facebook not-traced.

Facebook is meant to keep us clicking. The active grid attempts to capture the 3 second attention span of users.

A spread in a magazine, traced to determine the grid

The magazine layout has a 2 and 3 column layout on the left page. On the right page, the complexity is balanced out by a few large, simply organized elements.