Final Booklet

Front Cover
Spread 1
Spread 2
Spread 3
Back Cover


Comments were generally positive regarding the front and back covers, with the primary suggestions all relating to the treatment of the author name. In response, I adjust the scale, position, and color of the author name to make it less competitive with the title of the book. On the back cover, I added an email address to allow contact as suggested.

In all subsequent spreads I adjusted body leading from 8/9.6 to 8/10 to increase readability and improve typographic color. Hyphenation was enabled in the final spreads to improve the overall shape of the columns of text. As a consequence of these adjustments, some change in column lengths were made to keep a consistent finish in body text. These changes were all made based on feedback of intimidation, issues of readability, and oppressiveness of the various text filled areas of the spreads.

I also reworded some of the body for better applicability to the book and made some fine adjustments on image spacing on the second spread. Everything else was held constant with the support of the overall positive reviews from my peers.

The final booklet is being printed at Copies at Carson utilizing a 60lb cover with satin finish, and 28lb interior pages, saddle stitched.

Interior spreads

Modular Grid Utilized through all interior spreads.
Interior Spread of Vibratron Robot 
Interior Spread of Soft Robots
Interior Spread of RedWalker

Sketches and rough spread

Interior spread of Vibratron

This spread uses a modular 4×4 grid on each page. Three images, a project title and some copy all fit into the grid in various ways.

Potential grids to utilize in spreads

In order to organize the content, the above layouts were sketched as thumbnails. Most layouts were multi column, modular, or hierarchical.

Grid exercise

Master layout: 6 columns with 3 hanglines.

All the following images are set on the above grid.

Grid Exercise1

Starting with Georgia, the layout is simple. Ideally, the baseline of the last line in the text block would align with the lower edge of the image.

Grid Exercise2

In this layout, the image acts as the baseline and hangline for the two blocks of text.

Grid Exercise3

Here, the images bleed. Futura and Bodoni are paired as title and body text.

Grid Exercise4

A simple cover page, Futura is the headline while Bodoni acts as a subtitle.