Cover ideas

Thumbnail Sketches of Potential Covers

These thumbnails were created to layout some potential covers. All were compostions for photographs to be taken specifically for this project.

Cover 1: Front

This cover uses a combination of hand a computer lettering. The hand lettering is done with marker on graph paper. The toy robot was set on the lettering and then photographed under a hot light. Some light retouching was performed for consistency.

Cover 1: Back

A macro shot of the same robot as on the front cover makes a fun back cover. The text acts like a sort of speech bubble for this character.

Cover 2: Front

In this cover, two robots are arranged in a duel. Futura and Bodoni are combined for the titling.

Cover 2: Back

On the rear cover corresponding to the prior front, a victor to the duel is displayed.

Cover 3: Front

In this image, the hand lettering is brought back, combined with a light author set in Futura. This scene is meant to be of a robot-robot fight where the one smaller robot appears outmatched by the very large hand.

Cover 3: Back

The accompanying back cover has “about” written, combined with some digital copy. Again, the scene from the front is carried over to the back with the small robot standing victoriously over the large robot hand.

All of these photographs were taken with a Canon 20D using a Sigma 28-55mm lens with f/2.8.