Typographic Hierarchy (part 4)

The first composition is the most conservative of the three. Just a splash of color on the School of Design. The contrast between the gold and the white is low enough compared to the white background that the words don’t draw too much attention, but the glint of color makes the composition a bit more lively.

The gold bars at the top and bottom of this competition are meant to encapsulate the important text. The effect being strived for here is that the bar is in fact continuous across the entire page.The third layout brings the title outside the bounds of the page, increasing its effective size. The “School of Design 2011 Lecture Series” text is rotated and lightened to abstract the words and diminish literal meaning. The text indicating the location of the events is minimized to indicate lowest level of hierarchy.

These compositions make use a simple color palette throughout. The golden color is indicative of the fall, and the blacks and grays provide high contrast on the page.