Typographic Hierarchy (part 3)

Size change & stroke weights

In the first  layout and last layout, conservative changes were made to invoke a sense of hierarchy due to size and weight. In the second layout, more liberty was taken with the letters. Purposeful line interactions were created, most notable in the title. The blocks of events were made up of various scales to create perfectly rectangular shapes. In the third layout, variations in scale made it possible to completely fill the page with text. Although some parts are hard to make out, and even eligible, the impact is strong.

Graphic elements: rules (lines)

In the first layout, delicate horizontal rules were placed under important dates. The rules extend from flush left of the text to the right margin, growing the space occupied by that section of the poster. In the second layout, bold rules were added to accentuate the flow of information. The lines here match the slope of the middle blocks of text. In the third layout the rules are placed to draw the viewers attention to important pieces of information. Without varying the weight or scale of the text, rules stress certain elements, in this case ‘School of Design’ and ‘Admission Free’. In the final design, rules are put in place to support a river; the left edges of the large rules align with the left edge of the primary block of text. The right edge of the rule extend to the limits of the longest line to suggest a more linear right side.

Critique comments: (On the third scale-modulated layout and the first rule-modulated layout).

Scale: Despite the high complexity and busyness of the composition, the meaning eventually comes out. Critics claim that even upon close inspection some elements are truly illegible. However, this illegibility invokes a strong interest.

Rules: The commentary on this composition indicated that the rules were effective in increasing the strength of their corresponding text. The rules could have had a different length to better build a rectangle around the dated block of text.