Typographic Hierarchy (part 2)

Horizontal shift & linespacing: Line spacing is used in conjunction with horizontally shifting the text to create blocks of information. The margins provide levels of importance in some cases, but merely separation in others.

Horizontal shift & stroke weights: Without a linespace, any grouping had to be accomplished with horizontal shifts. By increasing the letter weight in conjunction with shifting the text allowed for a freedom in layout. One such example is the white rectangle intruding on the text in the first design. Another element is the imaginary line splitting the dates and times from the rest of the content in the last design with these constraints.

Linespacing & stroke weights: Linespacing allows the blocking of information. Increasing the stroke of the type provides readability at a distance. At a higher level, each block has some level of pattern or repetition or symmetry.

Critiquing follows:

Critique of single stroke weight/horizontal shift layout
Critique of single line spacing/stroke weight layout
Critique of single line spacing/horizontal shift layout

Critiques given by Deepa; comments are candid and pointed.