Power Roller Shades

We like to open and close the shades more now that we can ask Alexa to do it.

The End Result

Parts List

Key bits that makes this work:

There are also some other little bits that are needed, but are less exciting:

In picto-form (missing Wink + Echo):


yeah.. okay

  1. Fit the motors into the shade
  2. Get the shades hung back up andattach the battery stick
  3. Program the shade with the somfy remote
  4. Connect the Somfy Z-Wave to RTS thing to the motors
  5. Set up Wink to talk to the Somfy Z-Wave to RTS thing
  6. Set up IFTTT
  7. Done!

Fit the Motors into the Shade

Shove em in the hole.

Hang The Shades and Stuff

Use all the screws and brackets.

Setting up the Somfy Remote

Watch these terrible videos:

It works!

Setting up RTS to Z-Wave Thing

Watch these terrible videos to get things working with a remote

Setting up Wink

Add the z-wave stuff to Wink

Make a shortcut!

Setting up IFTTT

Do it like this:

All done!