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RobOrchestra: Vibratron

Vibratron is a robotic vibraphone. Instead of mallets, the keys are wrung by 5000 small steel ball bearings that are dropped onto the keys by electric solenoids and recirculated by an Archimedes screw.

The robot functions well, though has a very robotic undertone to his songs.


Mobile Robot. Pretty clever.

Jitu Das, Harrison Rose, and I put together a robot our freshman year to compete in the annual Mobot Races held during Spring Carnival at Carnegie Mellon.

Mobot Render
Mobot Render

It used an array of a bunch of line sensors to figure out where it was relative to the line on the sidewalk. We came in 4th overall in the competition.


HyLo, a series of projects about Hybrid Locomotion. A pair of platforms were developed to explore the a couple concepts for locomoting.hylo_shadow cropped
Monkeybot is a minimally actuated, energy efficient swinging robot designed for highly dynamic, 2D trajectories across monkey bars.

Stairbot is a quadropedal robot outfitted with 5DOF jointed legs and motorized wheels.