Drivetrain – Prototype

A group of 5 mechanical engineering seniors all involved with Formula SAE happened to join forces and earn credit for making race car parts. A good candidate system was the drivetrain of the race car – connecting the power plant to the wheels. In the past, we had experienced difficulties in setting and maintaining proper chain tension, so our focus was on a new bit of hardware that eased those pains.

The first step for class was to construct a prototype to demonstrate the big idea of what we were trying to accomplish. We did so by building a mock rear box of our steel space frame chassis, and installing our freshly designed chain tensioning rig in there.

RobOrchestra: Vibratron

Vibratron is a robotic vibraphone. Instead of mallets, the keys are wrung by 5000 small steel ball bearings that are dropped onto the keys by electric solenoids and recirculated by an Archimedes screw.

The robot functions well, though has a very robotic undertone to his songs.


G3 is a low cost, heavy duty version of G2. This scanner is designed where payload mass is not of high concern, and is rated to IP67.

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